Our Mission

Hello, My names Wendoline Uvalle. Im 23 years old from Atlanta Georgia, I started this website to help raise money to open up a shelter in Gwinnett called "Hands & Paws Shelter." Ever since I could remember Ive always had a passion for animals especially dogs, I knew I was create for a greater purpose and I believe its to help animals and people get back on their feet (or paws) and start to see the beauty again of this place we call earth. There are so many shelters for animals and humans to go to but what about pet owners that happen to be homeless? Where do they get to go for help? They only have two options: 1. Give up their pet and go to a shelter alone. OR 2. keep their fur baby and stay on the streets together. I believe amazing thing happen when a community gets together to help a cause and this is my way of helping.

Thank you for your love and support!